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Orders can be completed by email or phone if that is what you prefer. We accept all forms of payment. When emailing an order be sure to include all information needed to complete the job. This includes:


- Proper vector art work

- Quantity of garments to be printed on

- Number of colors for the art work being printed on the garment

- Sizing break down of garments Ex. 8 Small, 10 Medium, Etc.

- Color of garment that we will be printing on

- Whether we will be supplying the garment or if you the customer will

- And explain any special instructions.


Customers can drop garments off in person or have them shipped to us. When the order has been completed you can choose to pickup your order or have it shipped to you via Fedex.


For any other questions fill free to contact us at:


(856) 513-8077


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